I had the privilege to have Ondrej Sabo represent my case. My case was complex and convoluted, with many challenging aspects. Ondrej showed strength and commitment through all the years it was on going.

Ondrej is always professional, and pays attention to every little detail. He is always dedicated to the most fair and deserving outcome.

My injuries brought me a lot of pain, physical and even more so emotional pain. Dealing with the aftermath of my incident would have been even more difficult, had I not had Ondrej fighting for me every step of the way.

I will forever be grateful for all of Ondrej's hard work and commitment. I would, and always will give Ondrej and everyone at Ledroit Sabo the highest of recommendations to anyone who is looking for a personal injury lawyer.

Thank you again, Ondrej.

M.B (2017)

"Paul is hands down the best lawyer in London. I can confidently say this from first hand experience as he has been my lawyer for 20+ years. Paul is the only lawyer I know who is always available. I have received email replies from him at 10pm on a Sunday evening. I am extremely confident Paul Ledroit would be an asset to anyone's legal needs!"

"I have had the opportunity to Use this Lawyer Paul Ledroit on many occasions. Each and every time the work and results were greater than expected. Paul, displays a wealth of knowledge in the fields he represents and always gets the job done!"

"Ondrej Sabo is one of the best lawyers I've come across in many years after dealing with several other law firms. His imagination, attention to detail, hard work and diligence is something to be admired. I would highly recommend him to anyone with a legal problem."

I have worked with Mr. Ledroit for over 40 years and can say he is an honest, hard working and very smart lawyer; never intimidated. He is your best advocate in litigation. If he can't help, he will send the client to a lawyer who can, in other words money is not his motivator. He may be disliked by people he has successfully sued, however, he is a hero to all he has acted for.

"Mr. Ledroit has always dealt very professional with my dealings. His years of experience have helped me make the right decisions to best offer options for the best results. I would highly recommend Mr. Ledroit for any litigation issues."

We have worked with the team at Ledroit Law for several years. We found them caring and professional and always available to talk with us and answer our questions. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for assistance to ensure they are getting the legal help they need.

L.L (2017)

We just finished a case, with Ledroit Law (Paul Ledroit & Ondrej Sabo) representing me, and I'm very pleased with the work that they did. Their office handled all of my concerns and we finished the process in much better time than I could have hoped for. Thank you Paul!

T.R (2017)

I had a very positive experience with this law firm. Ondrej Sabo is very knowledgeable in the field of expropriation. He took on the city of Windsor and won my case. I am very satisfied with the outcome and would highly recommend him.

R.T (2017)

I had an extremely positive experience with Paul and Ondrej. I was kept informed throughout the entire process. I received numerous emails and contact on weekends and after hours. Paul and Ondrej knew my case inside and out so when it came for trial Ondrej made a clear, concise argument that resulted in an outstanding victory for me. I highly recommend Ledroit Law.

M.H (2017)