Fighting For Compensation After Spinal Cord And Brain Injuries

Damage to the brain and spinal cord can be among the most traumatic injuries an individual may ever experience in an accident. While spinal cord injury can be catastrophic and obvious, the effects of brain injury can also be significant, yet difficult to detect. Both have the potential to leave a significant and lasting impact on your quality of life. If you are suffering from either one following an accident, you deserve to be compensated.

Protecting Your Right To Fair Treatment

Insurers typically put up a hard fight to minimize payouts, but at Ledroit Sabo, our mission is to step in and act as your strongest advocate. If your life has changed dramatically after an accident, you deserve to be compensated and our mission is to help you obtain it to the fullest and most comprehensive degree possible.

Over the years, our lawyers have fought hundreds of personal injury cases in London and throughout Ontario. Often, many clients are not initially aware of the types and amounts of compensation they may be entitled to receive. When you turn to us, we can analyze your case and help you pursue accident benefits and compensation from within a full range, which may include:

  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of future income earning potential
  • Housekeeping and home care expenses
  • Damages for pain and suffering

We use a careful, well-prepared approach to settle spinal cord and traumatic brain injury (TBI) claims. While we are able to negotiate most settlements out of court, insurers also know that we are experienced litigators prepared to fight your case before a judge if that becomes necessary.

Get A Free Assessment Of Your Claim

We encourage you to come in and talk to our lawyers about your case. There's no risk, as we offer free initial consultations for all personal injury cases. Call us at 226-271-1010 or fill in our online form to contact us by email.