Occupier's Liability —Slip-And-Fall Injuries

If you've had an accident on a slippery floor, a dark stairway, icy ground or another type of hazard, the property's occupier may have failed in its legal duty to keep the premises safe for you and other visitors. Unless you know how to investigate and prove negligence, you stand little chance of gaining compensation for your injuries. At Ledroit Sabo, we can step in and give you the guidance you need to make a strong fight for fair treatment.

Professional Legal Help To Pursue Your Claim

Our lawyers have years of experience investigating slip-and-fall accident claims in London, Ontario. We regularly fight cases in court and have a reputation as skilled litigators. When you bring your case to us, we can guide you on exactly how to proceed. We can help you:

  • Determine the strength of your case
  • Investigate and establish negligence
  • Gather evidence to prove the negligence
  • Document the extent and impact of your injuries
  • Evaluate how much your case is worth
  • Negotiate a fair settlement

Fighting an injury claim for the first time can be confusing and frustrating. But at Ledroit Sabo, we use a client-centric approach to practising law and will guide you throughout the process. You will be in good hands as we work together toward a positive outcome.

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