Expropriation Ensuring The Best Outcome for All Through Litigation


The old addage is ' no one asks to be expropriated'.

Having land taken away from you for the public good is an aspect of modern society. Roads must sometimes be expanded, new bridges must sometimes be built, and public works which require some encroachment on private land are sometimes necessary.

If a private residence is on such a property, the home owner may find the road is now closer to their doorstep, or traffic has increased, or the quiet atmosphere the home once enjoyed has been diminished.

And, in some cases, the entirety of a property owner's land is taken for the public good.

Thankfully this does not happen often. But when it does the owner must relocate, and it is the job of the expropriation lawyer for the property owner to ensure that the property owner receives the appropriate value for their property and relocation costs.

Such an instance took place on February 22, 2016 when the City of Windsor approved a plan to expropriate in full the home of Rosemary Tako for the purpose of developing the areas around the Windsor Airport.

While the proposed expropriation was opposed by some council members, the majority favoured the project and approved the expropriation. Ledroit Sabo lawyer Ondrej Sabo spoke with the media after the Windsor City council meeting.

While not all expropriation cases can end with the homeowner being able to keep their home, in this case we proposed an arrangement for Ms. Tako to remain in her home until such time as a concrete development plan is firmly established for the Windsor Airport development, a proposal which the Windsor City council was agreeable to.

Ledroit Sabo is committed to ensure their clients get the best representation possible to have a ruling and compensation that is fair to the loss they may incur.