Legal Negligence And Professional Malpractice

Those who hold themselves out to the public as professional owe a duty of care to their clients to perform their services and give advice in a competent manner. An individual is entitled to expect that the professional will do what they have been retained for.

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Professional negligence can include claims against professionals in medicine, the legal profession, insurance, engineering, accounting, and real-estate. All professions are insured against liability resulting from negligence and omissions.

Professional negligence claims require special attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the a professional’s obligations and practice standards.

If you believe your professional advisor has acted negligently, it is important to obtain independent legal advice as soon as possible.

Types of Professional Negligence Claims

Medical malpractice often centers around personal injuries, and sometimes catastrophic injuries.

The practice of law is complicated, and the rules are always changing. Sometimes, even experienced and well-meaning lawyers can make mistakes. Lawyers owe a standard of care to their clients. Legal malpractice arises when a lawyer's conduct or advice falls below this standard of care.

An insurance broker can be negligent by not adequately investigating the proper coverage needed by an insured and under-insuring a property or interest.

Real-estate brokers and appraisers can be responsible for failing to give proper advice. Negligent opinions regarding the valuation of property can also lead to disastrous investment decisions.

An engineer can be responsible for improper design, construction, or supervision.