Estate Litigation

More than almost any other area of civil litigation, disputes over the distribution of an estate can be a deeply personal and contentious matter.

The fiduciary duties and obligations of estate Trustees are onerous and often surprising to those who find themselves in these positions. The intentions of the testator may have changed prior to the formation of a new final Will and Testament.

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Other times, distributing complex assets like corporate shares can prove to be complex and contentions. These kinds of issues can present numerous problems for the administration of the assets of an estate.

Ledroit Sabo, in handling estate disputes, act first and foremost as mediators, with a view to settle disputes as early as possible. Estate litigation can be costly, and deplete the assets of an estate unnecessarily.

Wherever possible, expedient and fair settlement is usually preferred over lengthy litigation. However, when parties cannot agree as to the handling of an estate, litigation may be necessary.

Ledroit Sabo has acted for trustees, executors, administrators, attorneys and guardians, as well as for beneficiaries against estates which have been administered inappropriately.

Because the duties of an estate trustee are so complex, it is highly recommended that legal advice is sought, as estate trustees may be exposed to personal liability for negligence in their handling of an estate.

Our expertise extends to advising as to interpretation of contested Wills, the passing of accounts, trustee disputes, and dependent support claims.