Strategic Solutions For Commercial And Civil Litigation Suits

At Ledroit Sabo, successfully resolving legal disputes means finding the optimal strategy to achieve client objectives — practically, expediently and cost-effectively. Each case has its own unique facts, needs, risks and opportunities. Our approach is to help clients refine their goals and then execute a well-prepared campaign to end the dispute.

Our principal lawyer, Paul Ledroit, is a certified specialist in civil litigation. With the experience of countless courtroom appearances backing him, he and partner Ondrej Sabo have developed a client-centric and results-oriented approach to litigation.

Pursuing Common-Sense Results

Clients choose us because they know they can trust our experience and ability to generate good, workable solutions to legal disputes. We start by listening carefully to the facts and gaining a solid understanding of your objectives. Litigation excites strong emotions, but our role is to provide you with objective analysis and a steady, guiding hand.

By conducting a thorough factual and legal analysis at the outset, we can strip a dispute down to the core issues. Only then will we offer options and advice to help you make an informed decision on how to proceed. Our role is to help you know when it's best to fight and when it makes more sense to settle or mediate.

Representation On A Range Of Civil Litigation Matters

Our lawyers have experience fighting a wide variety of litigation suits. We have helped hundreds of clients in London and southwestern Ontario protect their legal rights in matters involving:

Complimentary Consultation

Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation about your legal dispute. During your consultation, our lawyers can answer your questions and determine the strength of your case. Reach us at 226-271-1010 or use our online form to contact us by email.