Ledroit Sabo — Putting Experience And Service Into The Hands Of Many

In an age when justice is increasingly out of the reach of ordinary individuals, Paul Ledroit and Ondrej Sabo founded Ledroit Sabo. Our purpose is to put solid, high-quality legal advice within the reach of those who need it most — those whose legal rights are at risk of being trampled.

Experience Is Our Strength

One of our biggest competitive advantages lies in our breadth, depth and length of experience. Paul Ledroit, our senior lawyer, is a certified specialist in civil litigation. He is recognized as a leading practitioner in commercial litigation and is also known for his work in the precedent-setting sexual abuse case of J.R.S. v. Glendinning.

In 2012, Mr. Ledroit and partner Ondrej Sabo combined their years of legal knowledge, experience and skill as trial lawyers to guide clients in London and southwestern Ontario through the justice system.

Our aim is to achieve common-sense results for our clients — outcomes that make sense for the needs of each unique case. We provide frank, pragmatic advice. We know when you can push for better results and when the fight will no longer be worth your while. It's an approach backed by our track record of success and one that clients have come to trust.

Active. Responsive. Personalized.

We also believe that clients deserve a positive experience working with our lawyers. Together with our compact legal team, we provide a level of client service that only a small-firm setting can provide — efficient, cost-effective, thorough and personalized. Clients are often impressed by our level of responsiveness, with lawyers who actually answer their phones, respond to emails and keep clients abreast of developments in their case.

It's a winning combination of experience and service that we are committed to delivering — to each valued client and in every case we take on.

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Complimentary Initial Consultation

We offer a free 30-minute consultation in all our practice areas. Speak with a lawyer. Discuss your case. Get informed about your rights and options. Reach our office by calling 226-271-1010 or via our site's online form.